The Scalp

The Scalp The scalp consists of five layers of soft tissue. It extends from the superior nuchal line on the posterior aspect of the skull of the supraorbital margins. Laterally, the scalp extends into the temporal fossa to the level of the zygomatic arches. Layers of the Scalp: The scalp proper is composed of three fused layers.… Continue reading The Scalp

Forensic medicine

Toxicology review By DRG . Ref: Reddy & Rajesh Bardale

Poison Active principle Fatal Fatal Antidote Also kn as m/l significance Stomach Dose Period wash Sulphuric 10-15ml 12-24Hrs milk of magnesia oil of vitriol Accidental Acid lime water Suicidal(Most) AVOID aluminium hydroxide gel Abortifacient Nitric acid 10-15ml 12-24Hrs SAME AS ABOVE Aqua fortis Accidental AVOID suicidal Hydrochloric 15-20ml 12-24hrs SAME AS ABOVE Muriatic acid Suicidal(Most)… Continue reading Toxicology review By DRG . Ref: Reddy & Rajesh Bardale