Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Nevoid hyperkeratosis

  A 28-year-old woman in her 5th month of pregnancy presented with a 2-month history of asymptomatic, irregular thickening of both nipples and the left areola. On physical examination, both nipples and the left areola were covered with diffuse, hyperpigmented, verrucous plaques with a filiform or papular warty surface  (A). Histologic examination revealed orthokeratotic hyperkeratosis,… Continue reading Nevoid hyperkeratosis


Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease Mnemonics

Myocardial infarct, complications                             ABCDE x2 Arrhythmias / Aneurysm Bradycardia / ↓BP Cardiac failure / cardiac tamponade Dresslers / Death! Embolism / Extra (VSD, pap muscle rupture) ******************************************************************************************* Occlusive arterial disease 6Ps Pain, pallor, pulseless, parasthesia, paralysis, perishing with cold ***********************************************************************************************   treatment for acute MI. M.O.N.A… Continue reading Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease Mnemonics


What do you think this is??? (Click to enlarge xray)

HISTORY: A 47-year-old homeless man presented to the emergency department 1 week after the onset of chest pain. He was hemodynamically stable. The physical examination was unremarkable. A routine complete blood count revealed 27,000 leukocytes per cubic millimeter. A chest radiograph showed pneumopericardium (arrow) without evidence of pneumothorax or pneumomediastinum. A computed tomographic scan of… Continue reading What do you think this is??? (Click to enlarge xray)