Median nerve.. MCQ??

Q:-Median nerve supplies all muscles of the thumb except : (A)Abductor-pollicis-brevis (B)Flexor-pollicis brevis (C)Opponens pollicis (D)Adductor pollicis…….ans Median nerve injury at “wrist”, is commonly tested by :- (A)Contraction of abductor pollicis brevis…….ans (B)Contraction of flexor pollicis brevis (C)Loss of sensation on palm (D)Loss of sensation on ring finger The median nerve is vulnerable to division from… Continue reading Median nerve.. MCQ??



The term eczema and dermatitis are synonymous. They refer to distinctive reaction pattern in the skin, which can be either acute or chronic. Acute eczema Ø Redness, swelling, usually with ill defined margins. Ø Papules, vesicles and more rarely large blisters. Ø Exudation and cracking. Ø Scaling. Chronic eczema Ø Many show all of the above features, though it is usually… Continue reading Eczema