Forensic medicine


For Good Scoring in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Refer: Narayana Reddy Forensic Medicine & Toxicology** Essential Book Rajesh Bardale’s Principle of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology V.V. Pillay : Only Images Textbook of FMT:  Arthur Pearson Luff (Only Reference) Parikh Forensic Medicine (Standard for Definations)**** Must have **My notes are no means an option to textbooks… Reading… Continue reading NOTE

Forensic medicine

Last Minute Revision

Points to Remember:   1. Pin – point pupils = Opium 2. Dilatation of pupils = Dhatura, Cyanide 3. Constriction of pupils = Opium, phenol, organo-phosphorus, physostigmine, chloral hydrate. 4. Cumulative poisons are: Barbiturates, and methyl alcohol 5. Habit forming poisons are: Caffeine and Nicotine. 6. Addiction drugs are: Alcohol, Barbiturates, Coccaine, Cannabis, Chloral hydrate,… Continue reading Last Minute Revision


Drug Information

Physostigmine vs. neostigmine   LMNOP: Lipid soluble Miotic Natural Orally absorbed well Physostigmine · Neostigmine, on the contrary, is: Water soluble Used in myesthenia gravis Synthetic Poor oral absorption ***************************************************************** Steroid side effects CUSHING OID: Cataracts Ulcers Skin: striae, thinning, bruising Hypertension/ Hirsutism/ Hyperglycemia Infections Necrosis, avascular necrosis of the femoral head Glycosuria Osteoporosis, obesity Immunosuppression Diabetes… Continue reading Drug Information