Forensic medicine

Last Minute Revision

Points to Remember:


1. Pin – point pupils = Opium

2. Dilatation of pupils = Dhatura, Cyanide

3. Constriction of pupils = Opium, phenol, organo-phosphorus, physostigmine,
chloral hydrate.

4. Cumulative poisons are: Barbiturates, and methyl alcohol

5. Habit forming poisons are: Caffeine and Nicotine.

6. Addiction drugs are: Alcohol, Barbiturates, Coccaine, Cannabis, Chloral hydrate, Opium, Pethidine.

7. Hemodialysis is good value in: Salicylate, methanol, barbiturate, and aspirin
(except kerosene oil and diazephem)

8. 1st sign of intra-uterine death: Gas shadow in aorta (as early as 12 hours).

9. Increased anion gap is seen in Salicylate poisoning, lactic acidosis, starvation.

10. Ideal suicide poison = Cyanide

11. Ideal homicide poison = Thallium, fluoride compounds.

12. Commonly used homicidal poisons: Arsenic, aconite

13. Commonly used suicidal poisons: Endrine, Opium, Barbiturates, Organo-phosphorus compounds.

14. Poison resembling cholera = Arsenic

15. Poison resembling tetanus = Strychnine

16. Poison resembling natural death = Thallium

17. Poison resembling fading measles = Arsenic

18. Poison resembling thyrotoxicosis = Bi-nitro compounds.

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