Basic Surgical Instruments

Adson Forcep-Comes with or without teeth.  Used to align the skin edges of the wound during stapling of the skin; grasp superficial tissues so the steri-strips can be placed. Allis Clamp-Used for lifting, holding and retracting slippery dense tissue that is being removed. Army-Navy Retractors-Also called Army’s, Navy’s, U.S. Retractor. Used for retraction of small… Continue reading Basic Surgical Instruments


Stroke & Localization

Stroke Syndromes Main symptom:Hemiparesis (faciobrachiocrural weakness) Associated symptoms Anatomy & vascular territory • Cortical sensory loss, global aphasia or spatial neglect, hemianopsia, contralateral gaze palsy • Middle cerebral artery (entire territory) syndrome • Hemisensory loss, transcortical motor or sensory aphasia • Middle cerebral artery (deep territory)• Watershed infarct (between superficial and deep middle cerebral artery territory)… Continue reading Stroke & Localization