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Controversial Question AIPG

Controversial Question AIPG: 25 yr old Female with a mass in the cavernous sinus. 6th Cranial nerve palsy was present. In T2W MRI Hyperintense shadow which shows contrast enhancement. Diagnosis is A Schwannoma B Meningioma C Astrocytoma D Cavernous sinus hemangioma ANSWER: Schwannoma EXPLANATION: Schwannoma Involves 50% Small tumors are Homogenous while large Heterogenous MRI:… Continue reading Controversial Question AIPG


Important HLA Markers

Important HLA Markers: Reference: Robbins & Cotran 8/e Harsh Mohan 6/e Rubin’s Pathology 6/e Goljan Pathology ROAMS Marker Disease HLA A1 Hodgkins Disease HLA A3 Idiopathic Hemochromatosis HLA DR2 Narcolepsy > Good pasteur syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis HLA DR3/DR4 IDDM (NIDDM is not a/w HLA)                Also a/w DR2 & DQ 8 HLA-DR3 Dermatitis Herpatiformis > Chr… Continue reading Important HLA Markers



High yeilding Points: Important for AIIMS/ AIPG/ DNB & State Exams Apoptosis:  A genetically directed process of cell self-destruction, also called programmed cell death Its a Active Process. Produces ATP Anoikis apoptosis stimulated by Loss of Adhesion. most important Organelle invovled: Mitochondria $ Councilman bodies/ Apoptotic bodies s/i: Viral Hepatitis # Earliest change seen: Cell Shrinkage $… Continue reading Apoptosis

LifecareMedi (MediQuest)

How to Prepare for AIIMS/AIPG/PGI/DNB ….

1. Start with a Schedule…. Pre-Plan, Discipline & Persistence is key to Success. 2. Start with MCQ’s of 5-10yrs for Observation & Planning. So that u can get idea about type of Questions asked. 3. Do not Ignore short subjects. 4. Ophthalmology is very imp for AIIMS. 5. Revise tables from  Standard textbooks of particular… Continue reading How to Prepare for AIIMS/AIPG/PGI/DNB ….