?TARGET PGM CET: SURGERY ? ****************************** ? Best conduit after Esophagectomy: Stomach ? Macklers Triad: Thoracic Pain vx Cervical s.c. emphysema ? Gastric Ulcer: »MC site Lesser curvature »MC type.1 a/w blood grp A »Barium meal Spoke wheel pattern Hamptons line ? Duodenal Ulcer: MC site 1st part of Duodenum MC a/w blood grp O MC site of Perf.… Continue reading ?TARGET PGM CET: SURGERY ?


PHARMACOLOGY :-Newer Drugs ?

PGM-CET PHARMACOLOGY :- Newer Drugs ? ? Avibactam -Beta Lactamase Inhibitor ?Cobicistat -Enzyme inhibitor CYP3A4 -Booster with PIs ?Peramivir – Neuraminidase Inhibitoy – Influenza A & B ? Simeprevir -Inhibitor of NS3/4A Protease of Hep.C -Hepatitis C ?Bedaquiline -Mycobact. ATP synthase inhibitor -MDR Tb ?Dolutegravir -Integrase inhibitor -Hiv ?Affreza -Inhalational Insulin -Ty.1 DM a/w Long… Continue reading PHARMACOLOGY :-Newer Drugs ?