1. 67yr male presented with Loss of Balance a/w disordered & difficulty stepping described as Slipping Cluth Syndrome, Cycling gait at rest is Normal occurs in
A. Cerebellar Gait d/o
B. Sensory Gait d/o
C. Parkinsonism gait d/o
D. Frontal Gait d/o.✔

2. A person complains of inversion of foot while walking & Walking Backward is much better than walking forward occurs in
A. Ataxic Gait
B. Stiff Legged Gait
C. Dystonic Gait✔
D. Subcortical disequilebrium
3. MIDAS score used for
A. Cluster headache
B. Tension –“–
C. Migraine –“–✔
D. Paroxysmal Hemicrania

4. Drug considered risk factor for Calciphylaxis
A. Ca
B. Diuretics
C. Warfarin✔
D. Heparin
5. Hormone that remains stable with ageing
A. Insulin
B. Insulin like GF
C. Glucagon like peptide 1✔
D. Vaso active intestinal peptide
6. Omalizumab is blocking antibody that neutralizes circulating
A. IgE✔
B. Leukotrines
C. Cromones
D. Tnf & antibodies
7. Complications of Hemodialysis a/e
A. Hemorrhage✔
B. Hypotension
C. Muscle cramps
D. Anaphyloid rean to dialyzer

8. All are potential complication of Gene Therapy except
A. Genotoxicity
B. Genome integration✔
C. Gene silencing
D. Immunotoxicity

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