1. A pt with vascular mass lesion was ref for FNAC needle size should be
A 24 Guage
B 25
C 26
D 27✔ also used in pead pts.

2. Pt with Hard scirrhous carcinoma of breast for FNAC needle used should be
A 23 Guage✔
B 24
C 25
D 27

  •  25G ? needle is pref size

3. Fixative of choice for cytology is
A Formalin
B Isopropyl alcohol✔

C Glutaraldehyde for Electon Microscopy

D Ethanol

4. All can be used to stain Mucin except
B Alcian Blue
C Mucicarmine
D Best Carmine✔

5. Most specific stain for MAST Cells
A Toludene Blue
B Giemsa stain
C Tryptase✔
D Best Carmine Used for Glycogen


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6. Melanin can be stained by
A Fontana Mason
B S 100
C HMB 41
D All✔
And MART-1

7. Stain of choice for Mature collagen is
A Fontana Mason stain : Melanin

B Verhoff-Van Gieson stain : Elastic Fibres

C Masson Trichrome stain✔
D Reticulin stain : Type III collagen

  • Mature collagen = Type I collagen

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