# First step for all Repeaters is too rectify their shortcomings & Mistakes….!
# After going thru some expert opinions I came to
1. Lack of “Smart” time management
2. Concepts !! Use Standard Textbooks..
For all UG Students >> Use Standard Subject books.. Concepts are ur deadliest weapons.
(Do you knw How to use Standard Books smartly ??)
3. Focus on weaker topics..
Don’t move till its done… Practice n Practice
4. Solve multiple MCQs.. More than You do theory..
(Marrow & Pre-Pg are currently best platforms)
5. Don’t obsess over the controversial questions.
Getting Simple Questions wrong will cost you with rank.
6. Analyze the results and questions you got wrong…!!
Take weekly test Marrow/PrePg/Any other of choice..
I would suggest to focus on Decreasing the Wrong answers (Analyse & Sort the Problems at spot)
7. RETROGRADE Studies pays More..!!
only reason behind this is you learn the process of eliminating wrong answers, and analyzing your mistakes.
8. Review things you got wrong.
Often people memorize the answer without considering why you got the answer wrong in the first place. Improvement comes from understanding basics.
9. Focusing on weaknesses is very counter-intuitive.
Most successful people know it is essential to play to their strengths to achieve their goals.
But competitive exams like NEET PG are different since they are designed to be highly selective.
10. Choose 2–3 weak topics to focus on every day.
11. Revise regularly, doing Daily Revision every day and Deep Revision every week will strengthen your concepts..
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