EMBRYOLOGY UNPLUGGED : —————————————— 1. Beta HCG Secreted by A. Syncytiotrophoblast B. Cytotrophoblast C Both D. None ANSWER: A 2. Amnion is on A. Fetal Side B. Uterine Side C. None D. Both ANSWER: A 3. Sperms are Stored in A. Testis B. Semniferous Tubules C. Epididymis D. None ANSWER: C 4. Primary Oocyte is… Continue reading TARGET NEET > EMBRYOLOGY UNPLUGGED :

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AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions

Anatomy Cranial duramater has periosteal and meningeal layers, is supplied by 5th nerve, is outermost meningeal layer and Dural venous sinuses are not present inner to the meningeal layer. Lateral pterygoid muscle, medial pterygoid muscle and tensor veli palatini muscle are innervated by trigeminal nerve. Stylohyoid muscle is innervated by the stylohyoid branch of the… Continue reading AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions