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AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions

Anatomy Cranial duramater has periosteal and meningeal layers, is supplied by 5th nerve, is outermost meningeal layer and Dural venous sinuses are not present inner to the meningeal layer. Lateral pterygoid muscle, medial pterygoid muscle and tensor veli palatini muscle are innervated by trigeminal nerve. Stylohyoid muscle is innervated by the stylohyoid branch of the… Continue reading AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions

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For Good Scoring in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Refer: Narayana Reddy Forensic Medicine & Toxicology** Essential Book Rajesh Bardale’s Principle of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology V.V. Pillay : Only Images Textbook of FMT:  Arthur Pearson Luff (Only Reference) Parikh Forensic Medicine (Standard for Definations)**** Must have **My notes are no means an option to textbooks… Reading… Continue reading NOTE

Forensic medicine

Last Minute Revision

Points to Remember:   1. Pin – point pupils = Opium 2. Dilatation of pupils = Dhatura, Cyanide 3. Constriction of pupils = Opium, phenol, organo-phosphorus, physostigmine, chloral hydrate. 4. Cumulative poisons are: Barbiturates, and methyl alcohol 5. Habit forming poisons are: Caffeine and Nicotine. 6. Addiction drugs are: Alcohol, Barbiturates, Coccaine, Cannabis, Chloral hydrate,… Continue reading Last Minute Revision

Forensic medicine

LAQ: Insanity?? Delusion?? Types??

1. Classify insanity? What is a delusion? Describe the various types of delusion. [RS Mar 05, Nov 01] Answer: Classification of insanity (WHO 1965) I. MENTAL RETARDATION 1) Idiocy 2) Imbecility 3) Feeblemindedness II. PSYCHOSES A) ORGANIC PSYCHOSES 1) Dementia (a)Presenile dementia (b)Senile dementia 2) Alcoholic psychosis: (a)Alcoholic blackouts (b)Delirium tremens (c)Alcoholic hallucinosis (d) Korsakov’s… Continue reading LAQ: Insanity?? Delusion?? Types??

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Russell’s Sign

Patient comes with Lesions (Scraped or Raw) areas on knuckles, It is Caused d/t self induced Vomiting. Named after British psychiatrist Gerald Rusell is a Sign  defined as calluses on the knuckles or back of the hand due to repeated self-induced vomiting over long periods of time. The condition generally arises from the afflicted’s knuckles making contact with the Incisor teeth… Continue reading Russell’s Sign