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AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions

Anatomy Cranial duramater has periosteal and meningeal layers, is supplied by 5th nerve, is outermost meningeal layer and Dural venous sinuses are not present inner to the meningeal layer. Lateral pterygoid muscle, medial pterygoid muscle and tensor veli palatini muscle are innervated by trigeminal nerve. Stylohyoid muscle is innervated by the stylohyoid branch of the… Continue reading AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions

Medicine · Orthopedics

What is Diagnosis …??

A 2yr Child presented with enlarging scalp mass seizures focal neurological deficit headache …. A CT scan was done which showed lytic calvarial lesion with scalloped edges. What is Diagnosis ??? ANSWER: LEPTOMENINGEAL CYST also known as growing skull fractures, are an enlarging skull fracture that occurs near post-traumatic encephalomalacia. Epidemiology Majority occur in children < 3 years. Clinical presentation… Continue reading What is Diagnosis …??



Trigger Finger   Introduction One of the most common upper limb problems to be encountered in orthopedic practice, trigger finger (TF), also known as trigger digit or stenosing tendovaginitis. History of the Procedure In the past, triggering of the digits was treated by splinting in extension, which caused stiffness and consequently loss of metacarpopha..  … Continue reading TRIGGER FINGER