High Yield Pathology Points:- Expected In Aiims/Aipg/Dnb

>>>> MediQuest Medicos Study Circle <<<<< »m/c lymphnode affected in HL: cervical Lymphnode »Best/Specific Marker for RS cells: PAX-5 (>90%) CD30 >CD 15 »Nodular Sclerosis m/c type of HL in world »Mixed Cellularity type of HL m/c in India »Anti Apoptotic Genes Bcl-2 Mcl-1(m/c asso with drug resistance) Bcl-xl »Bcl-XS is Apoptotic Gene /… Continue reading High Yield Pathology Points:- Expected In Aiims/Aipg/Dnb

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AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions

Anatomy Cranial duramater has periosteal and meningeal layers, is supplied by 5th nerve, is outermost meningeal layer and Dural venous sinuses are not present inner to the meningeal layer. Lateral pterygoid muscle, medial pterygoid muscle and tensor veli palatini muscle are innervated by trigeminal nerve. Stylohyoid muscle is innervated by the stylohyoid branch of the… Continue reading AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions


High Yield Points : Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)

 High Yield Points for AIIMS/AIPG/DNB Alpha Feto Protein (AFP) : Which of the following is TRUE about AFP as a tumour marker in patients with germ cell tumour? A. AFP concentration is increased in nonseminoma B. AFP concentration is increased only in seminomas C. High AFP levels should be treated for seminomas D. The half-life… Continue reading High Yield Points : Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)


Important HLA Markers

Important HLA Markers: Reference: Robbins & Cotran 8/e Harsh Mohan 6/e Rubin’s Pathology 6/e Goljan Pathology ROAMS Marker Disease HLA A1 Hodgkins Disease HLA A3 Idiopathic Hemochromatosis HLA DR2 Narcolepsy > Good pasteur syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis HLA DR3/DR4 IDDM (NIDDM is not a/w HLA)                Also a/w DR2 & DQ 8 HLA-DR3 Dermatitis Herpatiformis > Chr… Continue reading Important HLA Markers



High yeilding Points: Important for AIIMS/ AIPG/ DNB & State Exams Apoptosis:  A genetically directed process of cell self-destruction, also called programmed cell death Its a Active Process. Produces ATP Anoikis apoptosis stimulated by Loss of Adhesion. most important Organelle invovled: Mitochondria $ Councilman bodies/ Apoptotic bodies s/i: Viral Hepatitis # Earliest change seen: Cell Shrinkage $… Continue reading Apoptosis