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Last Minute Revision: Preventive & Social Medicine

“MediQuest” Medicos Study Circle : Preventive & Social Medicine  HDI Knowledge, Income & Longevity(life expectancy at Birth) Both Outcome & Exposure occured before study starts Case Control Study Cohort study Forward Looking/Prospective study Framingham heart study Cohort study Heart of control trial Randomisation Malaria parasite in mosquito Cyclo propagative transmission Quarantine is for Health Contacts… Continue reading Last Minute Revision: Preventive & Social Medicine

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AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions

Anatomy Cranial duramater has periosteal and meningeal layers, is supplied by 5th nerve, is outermost meningeal layer and Dural venous sinuses are not present inner to the meningeal layer. Lateral pterygoid muscle, medial pterygoid muscle and tensor veli palatini muscle are innervated by trigeminal nerve. Stylohyoid muscle is innervated by the stylohyoid branch of the… Continue reading AIIMS MAY 2014 with Solutions

Preventive & Public Medicine

Definitions & Parameters in Malaria Survelliance

Definitions For Malaria Field Work Endemic Malaria: Constant incidence over a period of many successive years in an area. Epidemic Malaria: Periodic or occasional sharp increase of malaria in a given indigenous community.   Stable Malaria: Amount of transmission is high without any marked fluctuation over years though seasonal fluctuations occur.   Unstable Malaria: Amount of transmission changes from year… Continue reading Definitions & Parameters in Malaria Survelliance

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Human Breast Milk

Mature human milk contains 3%–5% fat, 0.8%–0.9% protein, 6.9%–7.2% carbohydrate calculated as lactose, and 0.2% mineral constituents expressed as ash. Its energy content is 60–75 kcal/100 ml. Protein content is markedly higher and carbohydrate content lower in colostrum than in mature milk. Fat content does not vary consistently during lactation but exhibits large diurnal variations… Continue reading Human Breast Milk